Wedding dress

When I hold your sleeves and hold hands with you, my life will endeavor to mate with you, come together, or live, or die. Snow white color angel's wedding dress, girl's dream of marriage, there is a dreamy paradise in general beauty. Sketch cloth yarn decorated with flowers, light-weave silk cotton meaning deep. The white wedding dress falls on the slender body of the woman. This momentary Fang Fei seems to have become an eternal. The black hair is set off against her white wedding dress. The woman's face is slightly flushed with a slight soft smile. Everything is swaying in the air. Wedding dress, pure white without silk and without traces. Embellished with lace, elegant chiffon skirt, the perfect combination of delicate skin and wedding dress for women, faintly charming body. Wedding dresses, like petal lilies, indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so perfect and moving

Wedding shoes how perfect with wedding dresses  



To be a perfect bride, we must pay attention to every detail of the bride's modeling. The selection of bridal shoes is very knowledgeable. The following small series introduces us to what shoes to wear in wedding dresses, and recommend some comfortable and stylish bridal wedding shoes. Let's take a look!
The primary criterion is comfort, choosing the right height of wedding shoes based on the habit of wearing shoes. Do not want to wear a wedding dress, but choose a high heel, so you will be very tired. If you usually wear only athletic shoes, can you think about picking a pair of short-heeled shoes and practice more before the wedding?
If there is no super high-heeled wear experience, thinking that the bride will stand for a long time on the wedding day, it is advisable to select 5-10 centimeters with the height. The type can be selected according to the bride's habit of high-heeled shoes, with the best expression of the woman's sexy charm. Coarse with the wear comfortable and stable performance of the bride's serious beauty, slope is more suitable for the bride does not wear high-heeled, comfortable and immediate adjustment of the body ratio.
To choose materials with soft, breathable high heels. The best selection in the interior of the shoe has a high-quality full-lap latex pad product. It has the characteristics of softness and comfort, quick absorption of sweat, and the ability to prevent toes from slipping. It has the effect of shock absorption and pressure reduction. The bride is very comfortable after putting on the feet and will not feel tired. Otherwise, the bride will wear very hard, and the low comfort will affect the bride's image and mood. What wedding shoes do you wear?
The selection of soles, the same considerations to the bride's need for long-term standing elements, in the selection of the soles can be selected as much as possible the design of the front bottom waterproof platform, add a sense of comfort can also add height.
Accessories for high heels: In order to highlight the wedding celebration, appropriate high-heeled shoes with appropriate decorations will make the bride more dazzling. For example, it is possible to select products with lace flowers or metallic ornaments on the outer appearance of the shoes. However, keep in mind that accessories are not too much, too cumbersome, this will make the appearance of the shoes too messy, and then affect the overall effect.
The bride can select wedding shoes of the right color according to the color of the wedding dress. Most brides will wear a white wedding dress. At this time, the selection of white, gold, silver and crystal wedding shoes is undoubtedly the best match. If a white wedding dress is wearing a pair of black or red shoes, it looks a bit off. If it is a red wedding dress series, the criteria should be selected red, pink series of high heels. But now is the era of quest for features, mix and match is also a fashionable, color matching bride can also choose.

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Dress code



Black is never out of date to dress up, but it is better to combine the theme colors with the popular colors. If you don't have time to choose a chic dress, just buy something that is simply too simple -- black, open-necked, sleeveless, simple and reserved, and never left behind. And then we're going to focus on the finer details. The delicate tassel embroidered shawl with leather slippers can show the old lady style of lazy and tired. Pink suede rose handbag and coral necklace are all romantic. Evening dress

2 accessories determine fashion can't always be the same face? This requires a little more detail. A gorgeous shawl, a shiny necklace, a pair of eye-catching earrings, a slim bracelet, all of which are a clever way to transform a dress into a small dress. Scarves, headdresses... It is the carrier that introduces avant-courier element, can reflect your fashion degree most, must not hesitate blood book, and want to pursue alternative, do not follow the crowd. But remember to wear it, not all of them, be sure to do it. The style of the handbag must be complete, in order to match different occasion.

The trend vest is so effective that your boss suddenly informs you that you are going to attend an important party with him in the evening. It is not possible to go home and change clothes. A small vest is the best helper at this time. European designers have launched a day - to - night, ornate camisole. Buy a small vest that has bead piece, embroider, flash material, wear in the jacket inside day, scenery is not obvious; Take off the coat at night, sexy, luxurious atmosphere appears immediately. As for the color, want to grab an eye to be able to choose red, pink to wait for bright color, reservation is optional black, gray -- - assurance won't let the boss to your dress roll over the eye.

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The legend of the wedding dress



With regard to the origin of wedding dresses, such a beautiful legend has spread widely in the West.
In the 16th century, the European Irish royal family loved hunting. On a midsummer afternoon, the Count Richard with a shotgun and riding a horse in the small town of northern Ireland, met Miss Rose at the riverside laundry. The Count Richard suddenly fell in love at first sight, and was deeply attracted by Miss Rose's innocent and elegant temperament. At the same time, Miss Rose also left a deep affection for the handsome and upright Richard Earl.
The Count Richard, who had returned to the court for the hunt, offered the idea of ??greeting Rose, and the royal family was uproared and resolutely opposed the defense of the imperial lineage. In order to make the Earl give up, the royal family put forward a requirement that was almost impossible to achieve at that time. She hoped that Miss Rose could sew a white robe overnight (in the habit of not wearing white yarn at the time) and its length should be covered. The distance from the marrying table to the church gate of the Irish Royal Family Church.
After the request was made, Miss Rose actually went to sleep with the entire town’s residents and worked together to sew an exquisite 16-meter white robe before dawn, which was a white robe. When the Royal Family was sent to the Irish Royal Family the following day, the members of the Royal Family were deeply touched. Under the promise of the King of Ireland and the Queen, they completed a fairy-tale divine wedding...


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Sand Dream



Every time she goes to school, she must pass a wedding photo studio and always pick a new wedding dress. I like pretty veil. This is something I have had since childhood.
In the large floor-to-ceiling display window, there are always a few crowded racks hung with red or white pieces. The style is very beautiful, but it is always cliché and has not caught my attention. Until one day, it was a windy afternoon. The sun was lazy and people felt a bit slovenly, just in the moment of my time - uh, I almost exclaimed in surprise.
The furnishings in the window were a new look: a large window, leaving only a hanger and a green veil. It is the kind of green in early spring. There is a yellow goose in the green. The texture of the green is explained by layers of tulle. Like the first-born willow, like a fresh green apple jelly, it attracts people's eyes, green yarn. There are no decorations on the quality. A very common style - a simple half-sleeved top and a skirt like a goldfish's tail spread like a goldfish tail, only a bright sunflower on the left shoulder, like a very early spring style - clean, clear, but Never lose sight of it.
The sun shone obliquely over it, shooting skirts through layers of tulle, and the filtered sunlight was slightly greenish. Behind the shop window, the orange light in the shop reflected the milky white walls and became the background of the embarrassment. It was like Van Gogh's impressionist paintings. Outside the shop, the same green branches swayed and waltzed in the wind in the early spring. Then the wind blew with green marks. Looking at the green world in front of me, I couldn't help but laugh - a veil dyed green all spring. So what kind of bride will wear it in the future? Or, this is a wedding dress for the goddess of spring.

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Seven summer dresses in white dresses



 By wearing a white wedding gown and wearing a white dress in the summer and summer, the two men took their hands and marched into the temple of marriage on the bright red carpet and held this grand wedding. They face each other and look at each other. When the priest came, the priest said to You: Will you marry the Seven Summers? According to the answer, even if there is no room in the summer and there is no car "I", the priest said to Qixia: Are you willing to act as your legal spouse? Seven Summers said: I will use my life to love Youyi, protect her, will not let her hurt. I saw Qixia on one knee and sneaked a small box out of my pocket with a diamond ring. Qi Xia sincerely responded by saying: marry me! The diamond ring was put on the ground in accordance with the handle, and they kissed each other, then took each other's hands and left the beautiful and sacred temple with a float. Since then, the two have lived a happy life.


The choice of wedding colors


Asked the bride to wear a head and accessories are all a white, was from the Queen Victoria era, when the white represents happiness, and later strengthened the meaning of holiness and loyalty, resulting in remarried lady, can not wear a white wedding dress, but also formed The pure white wedding dress stands out for its lofty position. Prior to this, Greece also used "white" as the most commonly used color in bridal gowns, but it was not strict enough to be full of whiteness; in ancient Roman times, the bride would wear yellow face yarn: Chinese tradition is based on the red dress as the auspicious sign; At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress was a highlight of the noble status of the royal family, showing that the wedding dress was appropriate for its “color” and there was no special requirement to wear a pure white wedding dress. With the constant change of the world trend, in addition to traditional white wedding dresses, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, in recent years in Chengdu wedding photography studio is also increasingly popular pink wedding dress, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, pink green And light silver-gray, very soft and pleasing; if you dare to try, dark green, red, deep purple, decorated with pink wedding dress, the formation of intense dress, the effect is very special; as for the most popular, of course, is ivory or Pure white wedding dress, decorated with pink silk flowers and butterflies to add color. In fact, what color wedding is not important, the most prerequisite is to match the color of the bride's skin. Orientals have a dark complexion and are yellowish. Wearing a snow-white wedding dress will appear dull. Wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural. Powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin will not be able to coordinate, but pink orange and pink green will match yellowish skin. As for the skin's rosy, or bronze skin, wearing a pure white will look good, especially the latter, will be a different share of the dovetail brilliance.

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